What Exactly Are You Selling?

As I promised in our last discussion, I will shed a little light on your homework question. What exactly are you selling to your customers? I’ll hazard a guess and say that most of you went for things like: a new home (real estate), an oil change (auto shop), a cake for that special occasion (bakery), etc.

While you’re partially right, you’re still 99% wrong. You aren’t selling your customers or clients on your products or services. You’re selling them on a raw emotion that those services or products will deliver.

If you’re a real estate agent, your sales message should focus on the sheer bliss and freedom that comes with owning your own home. Drive home the message of what ‘home’ means.

If you’re running a bakery, you’re not selling your customers a birthday cake. You’re selling their future memories to them! You’re selling them that ear-to-ear grin on their loved one’s face.

For the auto shop owner, you’re selling your customers their peace of mind. You’re selling them a sense of security for them and their families.

Bingo. The bulbs are going off. Great copy will tap into this aspect of your customer’s psyche. Having me in your corner will take care of this puzzle piece.

Now, to delve deeper into the money well. Your homework for next time (which stacks atop this foundation) is the following: What is it that’s unique to your business and no one else that should compel someone to use you?

More on that in the next session. For now, follow The Money Well to get these business-boosting sessions delivered right to your inbox.


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